A Leader You Can Trust


The challenges we face as a nation can be overwhelming at times. We are facing a time in our nation where the decisions we make today will impact generations of Americans to come.  I believe that we are in a fight for the very heart and soul of our nation. Do we have the courage to save ourselves from the irreversible decisions we make today? With the presidential leadership we have today and those who are deficient in their actions to preserve America, I fear not.  


When I decided to run for Congress in 2012, I entered the on-going fight to save our nation. I am honored to have served as your Congressmen over the last two ½ years. I am convinced now more than ever that as Americans, we must continue to keep taking forward steps to do what is needed to put this great nation back on track and to preserve our freedoms for future generations.

Together we can preserve the American dream. I have been working very hard on many issues that directly affect you, me and those we love and care about. Some of my work has included working on limited government, building a strong national defense, repealing Obamacare, cutting back on Federal spending, balancing the Federal budget, giving back Federal Public Lands to local ownership, and improving healthcare for veterans and their families.

I am working towards the goal of creating a government that works for Americans, not against.  But there is much more work to be done. I believe in this great country, our future depends on those willing to stand up and fight for what our forefathers established for all of us so long ago “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” I will never stop fighting for future generations, Utahns, and America.   

God bless our great nation!

Chris Stewart